Oliver Kozak's Chartier's Birth Story

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Oliver Kozak's Chartier's Birth Story

Part of my base package I offer to all clients is a birth story detailing their labour and delivery of their precious baby. Here is the birth story of our fourth son Oliver written by my own doula. It has been a wonderful keepsake and I love being able to relive such a wonderful moment in time from such a loving place. I hope to be able to re-create the same treasure for clients in the years to come!

Hello Oliver!!

Well, Im sure you've already realized this world is a loud, crazy and chaotic place (pants always optional)! Your birth was the total opposite, when I think of your birth, the words calm and peaceful come to mind.

This birth was pretty special for me as I have known your dad for quite a while and knew the first day your mom was pregnant!! It was also exciting as this was their first baby that they did not know whether you were going to be a girl or a boy! I was so honoured when they asked me to be present at your birth.

Your parents were hoping to have another water birth at home as they did with your big brother, and they were able to, I was so happy for them as I knew how important it was for them to make this a personal and intimate event.

Being your parents' fourth baby, I was ready to go well before your mommy's due date, just in case you decided to make an entrance early, but you were bang on! I got a message from you mom on September 19th around 8PM asking me to come over as she felt that what she was feeling was the real thing. Her contractions had started around 3:30 that afternoon, but didn't really require too much attention until around 6:30PM. When I arrived shortly after hearing from her, she was doing amazing and was incredibly calm and relaxed for someone who was about to have a baby! She had found a comfy spot against the corner of the wall that gave her support during the contractions. They intensified quite soon after I got there but your mommy handled them so peacefully. In the meantime, your daddy was getting the birth pool all ready and trying to get all your brothers to bed. Elliott was a bit too excited and wanted to stay up and keep us company until right before you came.

By 8:30, Pillar, the midwife showed up and quickly started getting unpacked as she could tell you were pretty close to arriving! The 2nd midwife, Justine showed up shortly after and prepared everything for when you arrived.

Your mom was so strong and calm throughout the entire time, it was incredible to watch her and she progressed so smoothly through your birth. There was never any hesitation, fear or uncertainty, she was so strong and knew what she had to do and knew to let her body take over and work with it.

About 9PM she got into the water, which really helped and let her relax. By this time her contractions were only a couple minutes apart and were getting pretty strong. In between contractions she knew to relax as much as she could and we just chatted while we waited for you to come down and into the world. Elliott was still around, we had the soothing sounds of Sesame Street in the background for most of the birth. Your mama was one focused lady to be able to do such a fantastic job with the voice of big bird around her!

Pillar decided that your mom should be checked to see how far along she had progressed at 9:45, just to give us a baseline of where you were. At that point she was 5cm, which was not what your mom was expecting and made her feel a bit disappointed. But, knowing your moms history and the fact that this was number four and the way contractions were moving along, we didn't have any worries about you taking too long. By this time, it was taking all the energy that your mom had to get through the contractions, your daddy was busy keeping Elliott away from the tub, he wanted to get in and join your mommy! Finally after 10PM he went up to bed.

Pillar, Justine, your dad and I spent the next little while supporting your mom as best as we could as she worked so very hard through each contraction. We could tell that you were going to be here soon by the way your mom sounded and felt. At about 10:30, she let us know that she felt like she had to push. At this time Pillar checked her again and explained that she wasn't totally ready yet to push as her water had not yet broken. She suggested that we break your moms water, which she approved of about 15 minutes later after going through a number of extremely hard contractions.

As soon as your moms' water was broken, she was ready to push!! With all of us at your moms side, she worked so hard at pushing through every contraction, and showed her strength through the pain. She was determined to meet you! Pushing only took about 15 minutes and you arrived at 11:20PM! You came out all squeaky clean!

You were right away placed on your moms' chest; she hugged you and held you for a while even before checking to see if you were a boy or a girl! She was over the moon that you were finally here and in her arms. You did amazing right from the start. You came out a great colour and let us know that you were here! Your mom and dad thought you were so tiny, smaller than your brothers, which took them by surprise a little while later as they found out you were the biggest, 9 pounds!!

Oliver, your birth was such a beautifully personal and imitate event. I loved the way your parents were so calm throughout the whole experience. They both had so much trust in you and your moms body that things would just happen and to take it as it comes.You have been brought into a family that survives on the love of children, you have two amazing parents who devote all their energy to the wellbeing of you and your brothers, you are one lucky little boy to be surrounded by all that love!! It was an incredible experience to witness your birth, welcome to the world little one!


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