Parent Bazaar Niagara

Posted Mar 27th, 2015 in Blog

Exciting News!

On May 2nd 2015 I'll be taking part in the Parent Bazaar Niagara at The Peach King Centre in Grimsby, Ontario.  I'd love to have you come out and chat.  I'm so excited to get the word out about what birth doula's do and how I can help you achieve the birth you are hoping for!

Interested in renting a birth pool for an up coming home birth?  Not sure what placenta encapsulation is all about?  Pop by my table and find out!

Come find me at:
Saturday May 2, 2015 9 a.m.- 12:30 pm.

162 Livingston Avenue, Grimsby, ON

Over 130 tables and 17,000 sq. feet of floor space! This will be the hugest sale West Niagara has ever seen.

Admission $2/adult


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